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Quik Quote was developed by M. Holland in partnership with Roebuck Precision Machine and other local companies..
The goal is to give a competitive edge in today's business world without the high cost associated with other quoting software.

Features & Benefits:

  • Powerful Excel worksheet that’s simple to use, fast and accurate
  • Quote single and multiple quantities
  • Enter profit margins for labor and purchase items
  • Amortize special operations
  • (9) different departments using different labor rates and efficiencies
  • Convert quote times to real time in Hours/Minutes/Seconds
  • Easy to use
  • Calculate Takt time instantly
  • Spot trouble areas immediately
  • Calculate the number of operators required per operation
  • Calculate estimated production
  • E-mail quotes to customers
  • Calculate lodging, mileage, outsourcing

Increase company profits while saving time!

“Quik Quote saves me time whether I’m quoting large or small projects. Production parts are quoted with ease. I would highly recommend this program”.
-Michael Roebuck (Roebuck Precision Machine)

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